ITIL Intermediate is More Than Just Another Level of Study / Training

Right after someone is introduced to ITIL, the tendency is to attempt to learn as much as possible about the various types of study programs that are available (in order to choose the most suitable or complimentary one to their job/career/aspiration).   There’s ITIL foundation; which is really angled toward ITIL beginners.   ITIL expert: which is the culmination of  very thorough and demanding ITIL studies that’s more or less designed for IT managers and/or, those with lots of experience in the field.  Then of course you have ITIL Intermediate.  On its face, ITIL Intermediate is exactly what its name suggests, which is a program covering the territory between beginner and expert; but it’s (ITIL Intermediate) actually much more than that.

While other ITIL areas of study do in fact reference the IT lifecycle, specifically MALC (managing across the lifecycle), ITIL Intermediate places a central focus on it.  In truth, the work / study performed during an Intermediate study program is nearly identical to that of an expert one, minus certain advanced components.  Most people elect to study Intermediate simply because it is the most sensible and cost effective solution for those that aren’t on the level of an IT manager.  Likewise, one of the great things about ITIL Intermediate is that it can be completed and still used as a component of a more advanced program at a later date.

So, what is it that makes ITIL Intermediate such a unique prospect?  For starters, intermediate training programs often focus on specific business-related qualms with regards to establishing, maintaining, or changing IT service(s).  This includes areas like risk management as well as more intensive IT service management practices which are designed to take advantage of, and/or service the ideas of business leaders within an organization.

All in all, ITIL Intermediate is a more intensive look at service management as a whole.  Once again, the idea is to learn to identify potential problems / risks as well as to begin analyzing data which could point to catching potential problems before they arise.  As more and more organizations come to rely on the services provided by IT, the need for advanced risk management protection(s) becomes extremely important.  This is how it works in the business world; risk management is as important as the any other group of tasks that are performed on a regular basis, perhaps even more so; why should IT be any different?

Additionally, an ITIL Intermediate program will cover areas related to service assessment and the various methods that can be used to accomplish such a thing.  An accurate service assessment in particular is very important because it sets the tone for all subsequent changes to come.  It should also go without saying that business-minded individuals generally have no idea what may be lacking or working in terms of current service abilities.  For example, it is up to IT to accurately portray the abilities and shortcomings of their current (IT) infrastructure so that both appropriate planning can be instituted and steps can be taken to rectify problems before they are given the opportunity to fail in the middle of a big production quarter.

What is the best way to complete ITIL Intermediate training?

But enough about what ITIL Intermediate seeks to accomplish, the real questions are; what’s the best way to train in it, and what can it do for your career?  There are a number of great ITIL courses / programs available which are carried out in physical locations, but they are also prohibitive in many ways.  For example, an on-site ITIL Intermediate course might set you back a few thousand dollars and cause serious scheduling conflicts; which in turn will greatly influence your ability to learn / absorb the knowledge.  This reduced ability in terms of comprehension will undoubtedly make it harder to attain certification, which pretty much negates the purpose of seeking out ITIL training in the first place.

OSA Intermediate

A much better training solution is the e-learning option (for ITIL Intermediate).  Through ITIL e-learning you will get not only a program that’s been meticulously designed by industry experts but also one that can be studied at your leisure.  If that wasn’t enough, most ITIL e-learning programs for Intermediate study are also delivered / viewable on any device, including tablets and smartphones.  As for your (IT) career, ITIL training will only make you a more valuable asset in the eyes of your employer, and armed with the knowledge gained from said program, you will also be able to implement newer and better solutions to existing and emerging problems as well.

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