ITIL Intermediate is Perfect for IT Professionals Interested in PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)

Of the many advanced certification options out there for professionals within the IT sector, PMP and ITIL should be high on your list.  Those who are already in management positions or hope / expect to attain such a rank will undoubtedly benefit the most from PMP certification.  However, while your average IT worker might not immediately see a benefit from a seemingly esoteric area of certification, like Project Management Professional, they can gain a much greater understanding of how to become a better team member through it.

This is to say that once a larger percentage of a workforce or team become aware of the concerns, duties and processes that project leaders and managers face on a regular basis, they will (not only perhaps become more sympathetic, but also) learn how they might be able to better perform their duties as well.  In other words, PMP certification for non-project leaders and managers can be very valuable for fostering department-wide understanding (which is in many ways, fundamental to long-term success).

ITIL certification on the other hand, is becoming an intrinsic facet of modern IT work, and is also something that businesses are becoming increasingly aware of and are demanding from new and current employees.  Why the push for ITIL certification you ask?  Let’s try to think of this from the businesses’ point-of-view.   If you knew a comprehensive collection of proven processes existed which your IT department could use to deliver more stable results, forge new solutions, and generate long-term stability / security, wouldn’t you be interested too?

Additionally, it just makes logical sense that IT workers utilize the best methodologies available to establish, maintain, improve, and secure the infrastructure of their parent organization.

  WHY does business promote ITIL certification?

If you knew a comprehensive collection of proven processes existed which your IT department could use to deliver more stable results, forge new solutions, and generate long-term stability / security, wouldn’t you be interested too?

ITIL the golden ticket to career enhancement?

ITIL certification is not only a perfect companion for business interests however, it is also a “golden ticket” of sorts for IT professionals who want to create some form of upward mobility for themselves and their career.    Many companies are now purchasing multiple ITIL training / certification licenses for their employees as part of a contingency to boost productivity and securities related to their respective IT assets.

PMP certification isn’t particularly centered on IT however; in fact, it isn’t associated with any particular field at all (aside from management that is).   When you combine PMP certification with ITIL training / certification however, you gain not only a more comprehensive understanding of real-world IT Infrastructure dynamics, but also how to use / implement them with a real team of individuals.   It could be argued that only with an advanced knowledge of both ITIL and PMP fundamentals is it possible to truly take advantage of one’s resources; this would include personnel, infrastructure, and methodology.  But simply possessing the knowledge might not be enough to attract, or rather foster confidence in customers; this is of course where specific certifications can help to further emphasize ability and trustworthiness.

ITIL Intermediate and PMP make an excellent team

So, what makes ITIL Intermediate eLearning such a perfect companion for PMP certification?  Many of the available expert-level e-leaning programs for ITIL incorporate some form of advanced training for Infrastructure management (already), so it makes little sense to spend additional funds to study materials and concepts already covered (during PMP certification).  Since ITIL Intermediate principally deals with the study of solutions for specific elements of the IT service lifecycle, it doesn’t interfere with managerial concepts / training.  So, one would essentially study ITIL Intermediate to gain an understanding of the IT lifecycle, ITIL in general, and methodology; while certification in PMP would give the same person the wherewithal to more masterfully utilize the knowledge gained (from ITIL training / certification).

OK, so now that we’ve established why an ITIL Intermediate program and PMP certification make an excellent team, the question is; what are your options as far as ITIL Intermediate training and certification are concerned?  These days, the IT careerists that are “in the know” rely on ITIL e-learning to better themselves.  Why?  Because ITIL e-learning programs are extremely affordable, digitally-delivered, comprehensive, and feature top-notch course design.

The bottom line is that (with a dedicated e-learning program), you not only get more “bang for your buck”, but you also end up retaining much more of the information you study as well.  In addition to a more stream-lined approach to IT education, an ITIL Intermediate e-learning program will also more fully prepare you for eventual certification (most Art of Service e-learning certification programs for ITIL tout a pass rate of well over 80%).  The salary benefits of ITIL training have also been fully explored, with most individuals seeing their pay grades increase substantially over an extended period of time.

Regardless of whether you personally deem ITIL training to be of personal value, chances are, your employers (including future employers) certainly are.  Given this information, ITIL training is fast becoming less of an option and more of an expectation.  As previously stated, ITIL intermediate is an excellent and comprehensive companion for those IT specialists who are seeking PMP certification.  If you have yet to begin formalized study of ITIL, an ITIL Intermediate e-learning program is a great place to start (especially if PMP certification is a future likelihood).

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