ITIL Library

ITIL® Library

ITIL® Library is regarded as a complete set of comprehensive codes of practices that are to be implemented in the IT industry. They have to be adopted to match the needs of the organization and should be consistent and coherent as well.

The aim of the ITIL® library is to promote business structure and effectiveness in the IT industry. It means that it is applied for a transition from a technical industry to a well-managed industry by including the following points:

    Establishing better relations with the clients
    Communication between the employees of the organization
    Managed recruitment and training
    Setting of goals and aims
    Precaution against any unwanted (harmful) incident
    Fast recovery from any accident and putting the organization’s production back on track
    Delivery of the product and services at proper time

There are specific processes in the ITIL® library meant for handling separate issues and departments.

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