ITIL Management Release

ITIL® Made Easy

ITIL® is not a very difficult concept to understand but a great challenge to apply in your own company. Before you go ahead and find the best practices available, it is necessary to know completely about ITIL®.

ITIL® made easy guides and e-books are available at affordable costs. Another excellent source are ITIL® institutes and learning centers. The Art of Service can help you to get a complete overview, knowledge of ITIL® and its proper applications through its ITIL® made easy courses.

The majority of ITIL® made easy processes are incorporated in two main categories and sub-categories:
Service Delivery

    Availability Management
    Service Level Management
    Financial Management
    Capacity Management
    IT Service Continuity Management

Service Support

    The Service Desk
    Incident Management
    Problem Management
    Configuration Management
    Change Management
    Release Management

ITIL® Management

OGC (Office of Government of Commerce) has designed a comprehensive model regarding ITIL® management and its application. This is a complete overview of the ITIL® management structure that is divided into five major sections.

1. Business perspective
ITIL® management in this section functions at the strategic level for any organization. This helps in overall understanding of the needs of the company. Business continuity management determines the functioning of business perspective

2. Service delivery
In this tactical level the customers are provided adequate attention. It include financial, availability, continuity, service level and capacity management.

3. Service support
This is concerned with business support function that includes service desk, incident, problem, configuration, change and release management.

4. ICT Infrastructure Management
This is built on the core of the service support and delivery. System management, network service and operations management are some of the elements.

5. Application Management
This is completely dedicated to the software development life cycle and in solving issues regarding IT services.    

ITIL® Management Release

Management is all about discipline and proper planning. ITIL® management release is one such department that is responsible for the transition of policies, plans and configuration to actual practice and implementation. This is very significant because no plan is successful without proper execution and a proper execution always demands accurate plans.

ITIL® management release has to serve the dual purpose of checking the authenticity of configuration and forecasting the effects of change. This is closely related to Configuration Management and Change Management. It is almost the intermediary stage between them.

Another function of release management is designing and testing of hardware and software. This is done to create a set of release components or elements for a hassle-free environment. ITIL® management release takes care of both technical and non-technical departments.

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