ITIL Manager Bridging Program Feedback


Well, our first ITIL® Manager Bridging program is officially over.  To celebrate, that staff from The Art of Service and the participants went and had a celebratory drink or two…


As we were sipping our “domestic” beer, feedback started flowing…


When asked what they liked most about the program a resounding agreement was the level of discussion that occurred.  What they really enjoyed was the level and intensity of debate around the various processes and models. 


They believed that the program was extremely challenging, especially for those who hadn’t studied in a while. Having to get their heads around the new terminology, especially that which conflicted with their V2/V1 knowledge.


Other feedback centred around the Trainer, and her ability to challenge them, using a  range of practical activities/spider webs/workflow diagrams etc.  though at times, the language barrier created hurdles, they found it highly beneficial.  


As for the exam, feedback was that it was quite different from the Mock exam.


From a trainer’s perspective, the 1st program has highlighted ways to make it even more enjoyable and challenging for our next program in July



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service


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