ITIL meets “The Cloud” – Better get a Service Catalog Umbrella

Many ITIL® adherents are wondering what impact the cloud will bring to their IT organization. One recent article states that the cloud is raining on ITIL®. Sounds ominous. But perhaps there is a way to coexist? I’m becoming convinced that the Service Catalog is the best way to accomplish this.

Service Catalogs have been around in the ITIL® books for decades, but are one of those artifacts that are rarely implemented, except by service providers who must define their offerings in order to get paid for them. When it comes to the cloud, automation is critical, so it should not be surprising that cloud providers (as a type of service provider) have leading “actionable”  service catalogs. For example, Amazon’s EC2 offering provides a service catalog for complete ordering and implementation of virtual machines, with a menu of choices and automation throughout to reduce provisioning time to minutes. I have no doubt that it saves them a fog bank’s worth of cash vs. performing the provisioning tasks manually as well.®-meets-quot-the-cloud-quot-better-get-a-service-catalog-umbrella.aspx

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2 Replies to “ITIL meets “The Cloud” – Better get a Service Catalog Umbrella”

  1. The challenge here is less for ITIL and more for those who trumpeted at its launch and mostly since, that it is the definitive source of best practices. Anyone who has actually read the books, or who has worked within IT and tried to form a service management initiative targeting customer satisfaction and influenced by Cloud decisions, has learned otherwise.

    ITIL is a contribution to an ITSM approach to providing information system services to the business. ITSM remains largely undefined. Cloud will reinforce the need for IT organizations to demonstrate they have a handle on IT investments, both in accurate decision making, transparency, and regulatory responsibility. ITSM will prove useful to Cloud service providers, but its unclear the extent to which any of these will rely totally on ITIL.

    So Cloud is but one decision and disruptive technology that exposes and repositions ITIL for what it is – a contribution – and for some of its evangelists and experts for what they might be…

    As for the service catalog – perhaps – but ITIL V3 has a chronic example and does not discuss actionable…. there is no link between request fulfillment and the catalog discussion, this being made by external thinking…

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