ITIL Performance Management
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a framework for IT Service Management. It is arguably the most commonly used methodology for the design, 


ITIL® Performance Management

The concept of ITIL® performance management is very simple as the name suggests. This department is responsible for measuring and checking the level of performance in terms of productivity and cost reduction.

The aim of the ITIL® framework is to provide cost effective IT services to the companies. This is a separate department that will determine how the practices including it are performing. Feedback is taken from different sources and data collected to keep a record.

This is an effective policy because the nature of ITIL® framework is that it requires constant check and changes according to the need of the clients and the company. Examples of ITIL® performance management monitors are:

Online response times
Turnaround of batch timings
The use of the hardware and the software in the company

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