ITIL PPT File  The Best Way to Creating ITIL Presentations

oing over the core volumes of the ITIL® v3 may be tedious for those who are not so much into reading other than it is also heavy.  Others prefer handy materials when studying and make things simple if summarized.

ITIL® poster has been developed to aid in understanding the IT service management without necessarily having to stuck one’s head on reading volumes of book.  ITIL® poster presents a clear overview of the ITIL® structure and the processes.  It provides the individual process areas, structure, maturity levels and capability levels of ITIL®. It should provide a graphical map showing the practical linkage Service Delivery and Service Support processes. The normal size of an ITIL® poster is A3 in size and is double sided laminated map.  ITIL® poster is not only an aid for those learning or understanding ITIL®, but it also allows others in the organization to become aware of the types of management in the IT service. It provides readers the chance to see how IT service management works in an organization and serve as point of reference too for those who fails to trace back or recall some of the ITIL® concepts.

ITIL® poster can be customized based on the organization’s objective.  An ITIL® Process map maybe use showing the IT service management flow.  This process map serves as an awareness campaign to employees as well as to customers.  ITIL® poster, most of all reminds the organization of the framework that it should apply in the keeping the IT service excellent.

The Microsoft PowerPoint software application is a popular choice for presentations as it comes with graphical slides of different templates that one can choose from. The slides itself can be printed out, or displayed on-screen with the use of a projector. Microsoft PowerPoint provides three types of movements: (1) entrance; (2) emphasis; and (3) exit. The file can then be saved in a ppt format. The latest version of the software is Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

There are a lot of companies that use Microsoft PowerPoint when creating tutorials to introduce a product or to better understand the components and functions of a certain process, such as the sets of best practices that represent the Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL®. ITIL® presentations are made to give the viewer a detailed perspective about the terms and conditions of ITIL®, as well as its contribution to the success of an IT-based company. ITIL® presentations are also being transferred from one company to another as a means of communication. It can also act as a persuasive approach in letting other companies know about the benefits of ITIL®.

With the use of colorful texts, pictures, charts, tables and other graphics, an ITIL® presentation will indeed amaze the audience and it will surely make it easy for them to understand ITIL®. There are currently some web sites that offer downloadable ppt files about ITIL® for free, while some offer it in a reasonable cost depending on the quality of the presentation. This also serves as a foundation in which one can start learning ITIL® and pursue certification courses in the future.

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