ITIL Practice : 8 Benefits of Adopting ITIL During the 20 years of….

ITILITIL Practice : 8 Benefits of Adopting ITIL During the 20 years of….

Service Design which starts with a set of new or changed business requirements and ends with the development of a solution designed to meet the documented needs of the business. Service Transition which is concerned with managing change, risk & quality assurance and has an objective to implement service designs so that service operations can manage the services and infrastructure in a controlled manner. Service Operation which is concerned with business as usual activities. Continual Service Improvement which has an overall view of all other elements and looks for ways that the overall process and service provision can be improved. The structure of V3 has matured into a service lifecycle format.

ITIL itself has become a service and its ‘Service Portfolio’ looks like this: EMBED PowerPoint.Slide.8 Benefits of Adopting ITIL ? During the 20 years of ITIL practice, it remains the world’s most widely recognized and adopted framework for IT Service Management.

It has grown from a cottage industry in the 80’s to a global influence. Over this time the many benefits of ITIL have become widely known and continue to grow as the community of practice matures. Whether you are a business customer, a service provider, a CIO or CEO, ITIL Service Management Practices offer benefits that demonstrate their value and return on investment.

Some of the widely published benefits are: Non-proprietary practice – ITIL is owned by the Office of Government Commerce, a department of the UK Government.

ITIL does not require a license to practice and it is independent of any commercial solution or platform. Scalable – ITIL can be adapted for any size of organization.

This is a key benefit since the industry predictions for the growth of small to medium enterprise is a major developing trend. Reduce Costs – ITIL has proven its value in reducing overall cost of managing services. Improved Quality – ITIL helps improve the quality of IT services through sound management practices. Aligned to Standards – ITIL is well aligned to the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard for Service Management. — Updating the internal processes to fit the tool (consultancy and internal staff hours) ITIL Service Management Practices and Vendors A common mistake made by new adopters of ITIL Service Management Practices is trying to “go it alone”. Mistakenly, many new adopters feel that external consulting expertise adds prohibitive costs to their implementation.

In many cases, the opposite is the case. Best practices are just that – proven over time and used in a variety of contexts to stand above all other practices.

Many third party vendors offer the wisdom of experience in ITIL best practices and can greatly reduce the time and investment to get your ITIL practice up and running and to help establish proven business cases for additional improvement investment. IT service transformation often involves a shift in the vision and focus of an IT organization.

This will often require organizational cultural change.

Third party expertise is often a major selling feature in gaining unbiased, objective advice in ITIL Service Management Practice implementations and maturity improvements. The best of breed ITIL Service Management Practices consultant will have seen and heard it all before and will be well positioned to help you make the most compelling business case for ITIL adoption as well as providing the skills to get you there. ITIL V3 Service Management Practices devotes many pages of guidance, drawn from the experience of industry experts and will help guide you in managing organizational and cultural changes effectively to gain improvements in your service management practice. To some degree like anything else, navigating the vendor marketplace can be a buyer beware situation, so good advice is to follow the best practice trail! Seek out vendors that have proven track records with practical results. Ensure they can demonstrate their past experiences with situations relevant to your needs. Ask for references, and follow up with them. Look for providers that offer a variety of practice areas and end to end solutions.

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Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and ITIL Practice : 8 Benefits of Adopting ITIL During the 20 years of….
ITIL - ITIL Practice : 8 Benefits of Adopting ITIL During the 20 years of….
ITIL and ITIL Practice : 8 Benefits of Adopting ITIL During the 20 years of….
ITIL - ITIL Practice : 8 Benefits of Adopting ITIL During the 20 years of….

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