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ITIL PracticeITIL Practice and A Solid Stepping Stone for any IT professional on the pathway to ITIL Certifications

ITIL Practice : This is the first and the most important offering from the Art of Service folks to get you started on jumpstarting your career as a Certified ITIL professional to succeed in today’s cash strapped IT organizations. Every one keeps talking about how technology has come a long way in helping business and the need for business-IT alignment. Yet we are surprised when business doesn’t care to sit at the table to work with IT in making the best use of IT services. I found ITIL framework offers the best hope of overcoming this challenge. This book is an easy read. IT lays out the basics of ITIL framework and helps you develop a language to describe IT functions and processes in terms of services that add value to business. Once you get a handle of the IT Services and service lifecycle described in ITIL framework you can convincingly talk to your business colleague how your day to day IT activities are adding business value. I read the book straight through in one sitting on Saturday night. The online courses are especially useful to reinforce key concepts and gets you warmed up for taking the ITIL Foundation Certification. I completed the online materials in around 10 hours during Sunday. On Monday morning I bought access to online exam prep module and reviewed the question format and prepped up for two hours went to Prometric and aced the Certification exam! I strongly recommend all three components — ITIL Foundation Certification Complete Kit book online reinforcement course and online access to examp prep materials — to remove any stress and anxiety from your Certification exam preparations so that you can pass on the very first attempt and carry forward that positive enthusiam in putting to use ITIL framework in your work place. Once you successfully get Certified if your are one of those striving to grow up in the management ranks within IT please consider ITIL Expert pathway which might be more relevant and lot cheaper than doing MBA. Pl visit the ITIL official site to get yourself familiar with ITIL Expert pathway. If you do take the plunge to become ITIL Expert I strongly recommend considering the Art of Service online training modules and exam preps as I found them to cost-effective and very useful. I kept going back to this ITIL Foundation Certification book to ground myself as kept reading more materials towards ITIL Expert certification. Wishing you all the best in your ITIL journey EA4ITIL Professional

Bhatt Vadlamani EA4ITIL Professional (Pasadena AC)

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ITIL Foundation Complete Certification Kit – Fourth Edition: Study Guide eBook and Online Course

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ITIL Practice and ITIL Foundation Complete Certification Kit CSME Accredited
ITIL Practice and ITIL Foundation Complete Certification Kit CSME Accredited
ITIL Practice and ITIL Foundation Complete Certification Kit Loyalist Accredited
ITIL Practice and ITIL Foundation Complete Certification Kit Loyalist Accredited

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