ITIL Process Diagram: Jigsaw And BS15000

The ITIL® process diagrams have two illustrations:  the Jigsaw Diagram and the BS15000.  The Jigsaw ITIL® process diagram shows us five principal elements which are represented by an illustration of a jigsaw puzzle overlapping each other.  The overlapping elements establish the importance of integrating all the elements in order to achieve one common goal.  The five principal elements are the business perspective, applications management, IT services delivery, IT services support and infrastructure management.  The jigsaw diagram was formulated with the assistance of service management groups and organizations.

BS15000 ITIL® process diagram was conceptualized by the British Standards Institute and basically has the same elements as the jigsaw diagram except for the details and explanation.  Both have ITIL® principles for service management.

Service management is the core of both Jigsaw and BS15000 ITIL® process diagram. Both are primarily concerned with delivering the services and support that are needed by the IT business.  Surrounding service management are other ITIL® disciplines that include the implementation of service management, business perspective, management of ICT infrastructure and application management.

The ITIL® process diagram categorizes service management into different processes that can be a function or a discipline in itself (like change management, configuration management, incident management, etc.).  Different processes they may be, they all show the importance of how they are all interrelated, overlapping and are integrated with each other.

Whatever ITIL® process diagram an IT organization may choose, both the Jigsaw and the BS15000 need to be custom filled out with the needs of the company and may appear different from the original.  But when viewed as a whole, they will still be a complete ITIL® solution.


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