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 Status Accounting Guidelines; Configuration Management Verification and Audit plan and Templates; Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Design 


The procurement is the attainment of goods and services at the possible total cost of ownership. This should have the right quantity, time and place to help corporations, governments and individuals. Procurement may also involve not more than repeat purchasing. Complicated and complex procurement could also include finding long term associates and suppliers that will essentially commit one organization to another. And as we all know, the purchasing choices involve elements like handling, delivery, price decrease and other marginal advantages. Procurement handles the making and buying decisions within the conditions of insufficiency. Procurement and configuration management go hand in hand because this can be very time-consuming if not done properly.

In your business procurement and configuration management are very important factors in successfully implementing your goals and objectives. By carefully managing the changes that takes place in your business such as system, auditing, reporting, hardware and software changes, you can easily manage and control the complexities in your business. Starting the selection process as soon as possible and designing the procurement process in detail is one key success factor of good configuration management.

By knowing procurement and configuration management, controlling the changes and risks that might happen in your organization is easier and more cost efficient.  Once a configuration management system is operational, interfacing it with the procurement of goods or services is one of the controls of configuration management.  The role of procurement in configuration management is to assure that the storage, dispatch, receipt, disposal and installation of goods are secure and supporting documents are present.

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