ITIL Sample Questions

ITIL® Sample Questions

ITIL® examinations are easy to understand because it is unlikely that the pattern or the structure will change without any prior information. Moreover, its international appeal is based on simplified version of questions. You can benefit from a set of ITIL® sample questions that are provided at the Art of Service.

There are 40 multiple choice questions in the foundation level exam where you will be asked simple questions related to ITIL®. At the higher levels, the questions get tougher and require more knowledge and skill.

To give you an idea, two ITIL® sample questions are given below:

1.    Which of the following are NOT the major input cost elements of an IT cost model?
a.    Accommodation
b.    Software
c.    Service
d.    Transfer

2.    Which of the following describes the purpose of Capacity Management with accuracy?
a.    To reduce cost
b.    To ensure that there is enough capacity available for customer satisfaction
c.    To determine that the business demands are affordable
d.    To provide cost effective IT capacity

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