ITIL Service Management Training

ITIL® Service Management Training

The Art of Service offers a comprehensive ITIL® service management-training course. It is an instructor led course with three different levels: ITIL® service management awareness, ITIL® service management essentials and ITIL® Practitioner module. The ITIL® service management training is aimed at equipping IT professionals with a better and deeper understanding of ITIL® framework to provide complete service management.

The ITIL® service management awareness course provides an overview of the concepts of service management and ITIL® standards. The ITIL® service management essentials course is an advanced course that prepares the students and leads them to the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. It covers all the 11 ITIL® components and its goals, key terms, responsibilities, and keys to success. The ITIL® Practitioner course is targeted at ITIL® service management training of those students who already hold the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. It goes to the level of discussing relationships and interdependencies of ITIL® processes.

There is yet another course called ITIL® service managers course which is meant for ITIL® practicing professionals who have the foundation certificate and several years of experience in IT. It prepares and leads the student to the examination for Manager’s certificate in IT Service Management.

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