ITIL Service Management

ITIL® Service Desk

ITIL® service desk comes under the ITIL® service support discipline, which enables better functioning of the IT organization by ensuring appropriate services for the customers. The ITIL® service desk aims at forming a central point of contact whose purpose is to meet the communication needs of both the users and the organization. ITIL® service desk performs this function in an IT organization under various names like help desk, call center, contact center and service desk.

The focal point of ITIL® service desk works on a daily basis and reports the service requirements of its users. Its main function is to handle the incidents and the service requests, which results in integration of the business processes with better service management. It maintains a pro-active approach by informing the users of relevant services and actions. To benefit from ITIL® service desk for improved service management in your organization you can take help from The Art of service. We provide ITIL® service, management training and consultancy.

ITIL® Service Management

ITIL® service management is one of the best practice standards in IT. ITIL® service management focuses on the identification, monitoring and review of the IT services and provides support and external services to deal with it. ITIL® service management deals with the service delivery processes, services management and infrastructure management. With the help of ITIL® service management you can create a kind of infrastructure where you can address all the problems with the help of various tools and processes. We are a company dedicated to ITIL® service management, training and consultancy.

ITIL® service management specifies various processes, which helps you manage and assess IT service. We provide ITIL® service management and formal certification as well. The three ITIL® service management courses are foundation course, practitioners course and managers course. 

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