ITIL Service Support and Processes

ITIL® Service Support is just one of the 2 disciplines of IT Service Management. It includes the support procedures to make sure that service quality is implemented. These procedures handle the problems and changes in the IT framework. There are main processes that are included in this framework.

                     The main processes are the following:

1.    Help Desk- is a tracking procedure that helps client requests and problems. This area is responsible for distributing information to your company in any intended changes that can make an impact to operations and other production procedures. 2.    Incident Management- focuses on the re-establishment of services pursuing an incident. This process is a first and foremost a reactive process. This procedure provides the supervision on analytical procedures that is necessary to restore the companys services. The Incident Management processes are incorporated with Help Desk/ Service Desk. 3.    The Problem Management- concentrates on recognizing the causes of service issues. This identifies the commission corrective work to prevent repetition of incidents. Problem Management plays a vital role in getting and examining data. 4.    Configuration Management- processes the report and archiving of individual infrastructure. This process works closely with the Change Management process. Risk assessments must take in account the relationships that may have an effect on operations and production processes. 5.    Change Management- it manages any change that is presented into the IT framework. It evaluates the risks in changes, recognizes the dependencies and other changes that creates impact on system and applications. It is said to be successful if the changes are presented into production operation without the negative effects on your business. 6.    Release Management- attends to a large scale changes in the IT environment. This includes installing the latest database management system and managing extensive changes to your companys application. It manages big amount of changes that will bring in production operating environment. These processes in ITIL® Service Support are very important in creating dynamic IT system and applications. These procedures will help your company in serving satisfied customers.

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