ITIL Standard

ITIL® Standard

When we talk about ITIL® standard, the first name that appears is BS15000 standard. It is more popularly known as ISO 20000. This is the world’s first standard for service management. The standard indicates and specifies a set of codes of best practices on ITIL® framework. The practices are comprehensive, consistent, coherent and flexible enough to be adopted by various organizations.

This ITIL® standard consist of 7 sets namely; manager’s set, service support, service delivery, software support, network, computer operations and environment.

The BS15000 ITIL® standard consist of 109 sections and they are scope, terms and definitions, requirements for a management system, planning and implementing service management, changed services, service delivery process, relationship process, resolution, control and release process. This standard is widely accepted across the continents but the accreditation of ITIL® is completely with the OGC (Office of Government Commerce).

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