ITIL Support Services

ITIL® Support Services

ITIL® support services constitute a part of Service Management that enables the IT services to be provided and prepares them for delivery. ITIL® support services are the foundation of planning and management that determines the strength of infrastructure and services of the company.

There are mainly six disciplines under ITIL® support services:

1.    Configuration Management: This mainly deals with the construction and building of the services that are meant for clients. Under this section employees are interviewed and trained.

2.    Problem Management: It is directed towards precautions against any mishap and at the same time find immediate solution if there is any.

3.    Incident Management: It is a part of problem management and looks after immediate problems

4.    Change management: In a company, changes in the policies and structure are very common for progress so there is a need of separate department to regulate changes.

5.    Release Management: A very significant department will be ‘release’ because all the planning has to be positioned and executed with perfection.

6.    Help Desk: Customer support and communication with clients is very necessary. It is the job of the help desk to look after service support.  

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