ITIL the typical contents of SLAs

  • An introduction to the SLA
  • Service description
  • Mutual responsibilities
  • Scope of SLA
  • Applicable service hours
  • Service availability
  • Reliability

  • Customer support arrangements
  • Contact points & escalation
  • Service performance
  • Batch turnaround times
  • Security
  • Costs and charging method used.

The key criteria for any information to be contained within an SLA is that it must be measureable, with all language used being clear and concise in order to aid understanding. As already discussed, SLAs should not only be used as legal documents for imposing penalties, otherwise it is in conflict with the goal of improving relationships between customers and the IT Service provider. Another mistake made by organizations in implementing SLAs is they that become too long and technically focused. When this occurs there is potential for misunderstandings or for the SLA to go unread.

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