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How will ITIL® training change with the ITIL® V3 books and the ITIL® V3 certification scheme? There are many statements in the media in relation to ITIL® training as part of the refresh project and the new certification scheme.

At this stage the examination board only released the exam curriculum for the ITIL® Foundation certification program. From July/August onwards, everybody who attends an ITIL® training course will be able to sit for their ITIL® V3 exam.
However, you can also use your ITIL® training to prepare for the current ITIL® V2 exam. This ITIL® V2 exam will be offered until December 2008.

The Art of Service has made the decision to offer ITIL® training based on the ITIL V3 books from the 30th May 2007 while still preparing the candidates for the current ITIL® Foundation exam. (We call it the ITIL® 2.5 Foundation course 🙂 )
In August 2007 our ITIL® training material will be in line with the EXIN requirements for the ITIL® Foundation V3 exam.

As soon as EXIN releases its ITIL® Practitioner course curriculum we will update our cluster courses and the same goes for the ITIL® Service Management programs.
We can’t wait for all our ITIL® training programs to reflect the ITIL® V3 materials, processes and books! Such a boost for the entire ITIL® training industry; such a perfect reason to update and improve all the materials we’ve been using in class for the last 7 years. (yes… we did update the materials to keep them accurate and up to date, but the content in itself didn’t really change so there was no need for a major overhaul).

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