Only 5 more sleeps until the ITIL® V3 books are officially published. It will be the end of an important era for The Art of Service as we started the business when the ITIL® V2 books were just published. I remember creating the ITIL® training material and trying to understand how the OGC managed to get 42 books into the 8 larger books. I notice that in the last few months I am thinking more and more about that time,not so much from a negative point of view but more about the fact that so much has changed in such a short timeframe!

When we started The Art of Service in 2000 ITIL® was relatively unknown in Australia and we created the ITIL® training materials, ITIL® consulting products and ITIL® executive presentations to increase the awareness
amongst CIO’s, IT managers and IT directors about the value and benefits of ITIL® to their organisation. We spoke to them about the lifecycle that every IT product and IT service goes through and how the IT organisation should support the business in achieving their efficiency and effectiveness targets and goals.
There was so much to learn and it was a fantastic time because we had the opportunity to really make a difference for our clients.

The Art of Service has matured as an organisation and we learned about our strengths and weaknesses, and so did our clients. Many of our clients learned how valuable the ITIL® processes are for them in the context of their IT Service Management programs and how it helps them to support the business processes.

ITIL® V3 seems to be the logical next step with the service lifecycle approach, I just hope that IT Professionals see it for the value it can bring.
It will be interesting to see how IT professionals assess the ITIL® V3 models and what the timeframe for adoption is.

Let the future begin…

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