ITIL : Version < < your version > > Release Date Planning….

ITILITIL : Version < < your version > > Release Date Planning….

Version: <> Release Date: Planning and implementation for Release & Deployment Management This document as described provides guidance for the planning and implementation of the Release and Deployment Management ITIL process. The document is not to be considered an extensive plan as its topics have to be generic enough to suit any reader for any organization. However, the reader will certainly be reminded of the key topics that have to be considered for planning and implementation of this process. Initial planning When beginning the process planning the following items must be completed: CHECK ??? or ?? or date DESCRIPTION Get agreement on the objective (use the ITIL definition), purpose, scope, and implementation approach (eg.

Internal, outsourced, hybrid) for the process. Assign a person to the key role of process manager/owner.

This person is responsible for the process and all associated systems. Conduct a review of activities that would currently be considered as an activity associated with this process.

Make notes and discuss the “re-usability” of that activity. Create and gain agreement on a high-level process plan and a design for any associated process systems.

NOTE: the plan need not be detailed.

Too many initiatives get caught up in too much detail in the planning phase.

KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING. Review the finances required for the process as a whole and any associated systems (expenditure including people, software, hardware, accommodation).

Don’t forget that the initial expenditure may be higher than the ongoing costs.

Don’t forget annual allowances for systems maintenance or customizations to systems by development staff. Agree to the policy regarding this process Create Strategic statements. Policy Statement The policy establishes the “SENSE OF URGENCY” for the process.

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