Java SCJP Searching Made Easy

If you are a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) candidate, you might want to try searching the web for products and websites that offer online or downloadable training and study materials to help you in passing this difficult and challenging exam.  Just go to your favorite search engine (like Google, Yahoo! or MSN) and type in certif java scjp and you will find that it will present you with millions of choices on SCJP topic.

You may have noticed that instead of a complete word like certification, certified, and certify, the word you typed in the search string is certif. This is because search engines are one of the greatest wonders of the internet world.  By typing certif java scjp, you already allowed the search engine to search for keywords containing certif (like certify, certifies, certified and certification).  This is such a convenient way of searching for a subject with just a portion of the complete word.

If you want to do a partial word search in your favorite search engine, you may or may no longer use wildcards in your string.  Just type in certif java scjp and your good to go with your search results.  You may also have noticed also that the acronym of SCJP was typed as scjp.  You see, most search engines are not really case sensitive when it comes to searching for keywords.  As long as the letters are there, they will give you the results that have the most relevance to the search string you entered. 

So if you want to search for a certified Java SCJP, or if you want to search for a certification in Java SCJP, just type certif java scjp instead of make multiple searches and hitting the caps lock key every time you want a result in SCJP.

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