Jobs in Knowledge Management-The Role of a Knowledge Specialist

Knowledge management (KM) is often associated with driving business performance through the collaborative efforts of key individuals within the organization. To make all of these possible, certain knowledge management software applications are being used specific to the needs of the business. In the call center industry, there is a special kind of KM software used by service agents while interacting with customers. The one that is maintaining the knowledge database is often called Knowledge Specialist.

Being a Knowledge Specialist is not that challenging. However, technical writers are often considered for this job as it entails composition of scripts that the customer service agents will be using while taking calls, responding through live chat or writing an email. He or she has to see to it that stored scripts are free from grammatical errors so as to ensure high quality standards on every customer interaction. There may also be instances wherein the Knowledge Specialist will make some changes on the stored content to keep agents updated with the recent issues. This is very critical for agents who support technical calls.

In addition, Knowledge Specialist also keeps a copy of the individuals who must be given access to the KM software. Granting of access is critical to the business so as to prevent unauthorized access to relevant business information. Oftentimes, KM software for customer service agents is web-based, which means that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere for as long as there is an active internet connection. This even provides more convenience to users.

Indeed, the growing demand of KM has greatly affected more people positively. The generation of new jobs brings about career development for individuals who are considered experts in the field of KM.

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