Join the Unique Music Beat of Flounder’s Mashup

One entry posted by Andy Horwitz, artist with specialization in “applied creativity,” in Culturebot online magazine that is dedicated to live arts and contemporary performance is about Flounder’s Mashups. He featured his personal experience when he tripped up on Flounder’s mush-up while he was navigating the radio dial on a radio station in Washington DC101. Dudes are known to listen to it at all times since they play good music.

According to Andy, the DJ did awesome mash-ups, totally mixing beats, eras, styles, ideas, and artists into a hardcore, danceable, and pounding rocking groove. He also added that the DJ turned Miley Cyrus really interesting. Some people can understand what Andy is actually feeling upon hearing the music he describes; while some may not. There are still several individuals who are not aware as to what Mushup music is all about. For the benefit of these people, mushup also called as bootleg is a kind of song or composition produced from the blend of one kind of music with another.

Mushup music is also taken as part of musical genre of the European bastard pop. This type of music merges two or more songs wherein the vocal track of one song is overlaid of another track. Currently, there are numbers of people who are getting fond on this type of music. To those who are interested to listen to this music, the website of mushup is always available to offer the complete list of their songs. Sometimes, DC101 also gather the fans of their music into one party to enjoy their songs live.


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