Kaushik’s Book: Perfect for Web Analytics Review

Avinash Kaushik is a regular speaker at business conferences both in Europe and U.S. and is the author of the well-appreciated book “Web Analytics, An Hour a Day.” Several individuals are using Kaushik’s book for the purpose of web analytics review; claiming that it is a good and reliable reference. According to Erik Enge, director of Release Engineering also one of Kaushik’ book reader, said that the book is great because it helps people understand the web analytics in a deeper sense.

Enge performed web analytics review based on the word of Kaushik in his book. He explained that the book emphasized the amazing function of web analytics by explaining how it can enhance the performance of a site once it is fully comprehended. Basically, web analytics provides a good result the time it is utilized to dig out through the data of the site. However, Kaushik never failed to mention the hard part in using this, which is identifying how to focus on the correct data—data that provides all the information of the activity on the website. Kaushik mentioned in his book that it is easy to get lost in the data supplied by the tools; and eventually, fail to source out new vital meaning.    

To aid this problem, enterprisers must really know web analytics right from its top to down to its bottom part. It is also essential to know the web analytics strategy to get over the hard part in utilizing this tool, he said. Finally, he mentioned that web analytics is more than just the tools that are licensed. Overall, the discussed so much about web analytics according to Edge. No wonder, he was very much overwhelmed by the balance web analytic review done by Kaushik in his book.

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