Keep Abreast, read MCP magazine

As an IT professional and a certified one, you need to be abreast of what is happening in the IT industry particularly on Microsoft.  You learn of new things and you try to apply them as you poraxctice your profession.  It is your way of networking as well with your community.

Microsoft found a way of networking with its members through a daily information and news site for Microsoft Certified Professionals, known as MCP magazine.  The site provides the deleivery of technical and career information to the  global community of IT managers and network administrators that are connected  working with Microsoft networking products.   The MCP magazine provides forums on technology and certification issues, reviews of certification books and courses.  It also provides  Windows systems troubleshooting advice and live chats with experts on exam, career, and Windows implementation issues. 

The MCP magazine is uselful to MCP professionals as they get to communicate and shre their experiences to fellow professionals and learn from them.  The MCP magazine is issued once a month.  It covers subjects in technical information, career-enhancing professional articles, certification and industry announcements, and real-world solution experience sharing for Microsoft technologies. The subscription is free to qualified individuals who return subscription/qualification cards on an annual basis.

You surely would not want to get behind of what is happening in the IT world, after all it is through networking that you market your services as well.  MCP magazine is here to keep you abreast, subscribe and keep yourself updated.

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