Keeping Up with IT Outsourcing

If you are considering a future career in IT or, you are currently working as an IT professional in the US, chances are you may have already encountered the term  IT outsourcing . Yes, this term is not relatively new as it is obviously one of the reasons why jobs are being transferred to offshore firms based in India or the rest of Asia. The primary reason is that these firms operate in low costs with a considerably same level of knowledge, skills and competencies. If this is the case, does this mean that the IT industry in the US is almost reaching its endpoint?

The answer is a big  NO  of course as this is pretty much too early to tell. Though quite alarming, a profession in the IT industry in the US is still promising like in the previous years   it offers good pay, numerous opportunities and long term job stability. But then again, since IT outsourcing is somehow getting ahead of the competition, IT professionals in the US can still do something to cope with this situation. Here are some tips to consider:

(a) Panic is not an option. If you are currently an IT student, do not question yourself if indeed you landed on the right course. Just do the most out of what you can get.
(b) Accept reality. IT outsourcing is here to stay, maybe within a couple of years or so. Stay focus and strategize by being an IT generalist.
(c) Start your own business and think of out-of-the-box ideas. New big market opportunities will soon emerge and you have to be prepared for it.

Above all, do not be afraid of changing IT market trends. Even with competition around, be on top of your game and everything will false into place.

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