Key Roles of Information Management Network

Businesses today are more than ever highly dependent on their IT investments.  There
are now literally millions of businesses exchanging information over the internet or
over their own private network.  With so much information being collected, retrieved,
modified and expunged, the need for a good information management network has
been increasing in demand.  Information management network assists the
organization in solving business problems in the areas of decision making, people
resources, and applications management.

Network management is crucial in the information management network because the
methods, procedures, processes that are included in the management of the
organization, its people and resources are all most of the time networked in the
system.  With the right network management, information in the network is kept
running smoothly.  Through constant monitoring, any potential and upcoming
problems are immediately resolved before it drastically affects the system.

Information management network can also refer to the monitoring, management and
assigning of resources in the network in order to avoid overloading the system and
keep it under control.  Together with proper maintenance, information management
network shall include various network management responsibilities which also
includes controlling, monitoring, allocating, authorizing, configuring, and
troubleshooting network resources in order for the organization to properly maximize
its IT investments.

With organizations growing rapidly and new programs and IT solutions being
introduced on a regular basis, businesses are already able to access information on the
amount of sales generated, inventory levels, human resources, and many others. 
Information management network plays a critical role in the decision making,
resource allocation, and people management in the management framework.


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