Keyword: CHANGE – Objectives of Change Management Training

Training is something that everyone looks forward to, especially when a new policy is about to be rolled out, a new product is about to be introduced to the market or a new technique will soon be implemented to improve on the current process that everyone does every single day. These are just some of the reasons why training is needed in an organization.

The keyword in these given scenarios is “new”, which means that change or changes are about to happen. It is very important to focus on every detail of the discussion to have oneself equipped with the right information required in carrying out activities that relates to the topic presented. Active listening is indeed very critical as the company embarks on a new journey towards business success.

When change is being taught of in training, it is important to have relevant and concrete objectives that everyone should be made aware of before training starts. This is to set the audience’s expectations on the outcome of the training. For Change Management, here are some of the possible objectives that should be achieved at the end of the training course:

(1) Understand the effects of change on individuals and organizations – What are the possible outcomes or results of change?
(2) Assess change readiness – Is everyone ready for change to be implemented?
(3) Define change management strategies – What are the strategies or techniques that are linked to change management?
(4) Develop a high degree of competence when managing change – How change can be implemented in such a way that everyone is ready for it?

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