Know Your Customer Via the Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Would you like to get to use an integrated CRM solution for your sales-oriented business? Then maybe even the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 software package is the one CRM solution you need.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM was designed so that users could be able to identify their customers from the initial point of contact until the time the sales team can make a sale, and even extends after the purchase date so the sales team can provide after-sales support. Microsoft made this software to function as an affordable Customer Relationship Management solution that also provides quick yet flexible options to the software user and owner.

The software can allow for customer segmentation so that you do not get confused by the masses of customer information in your database. Once your customers have been stratified this way, you can pursue marketing for each customer population segment based on a workflow driven marketing model.

As far as the sales function of the business is concerned, you can use the existing data and the tools of this software package so that your sales team understands how the information and tools can help them make better sales and become better sales people.

To round off the customer service aspect of using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM package, you can take advantage of the software functionality in the areas of: contact and account management; case plus interaction management; product plus contract management; knowledge-based management; service scheduling; workflow as followed by teams and groups; and lastly, service reporting and analytics.

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