Know Your Project Activities Online

As tools are looked at as an aid in project management,
technology nowadays has allowed the access of project
management tool online. Companies offers web based
application that is accessible even to outside of the
business organization internal network.  The Management
online project tool is perfect when a project team works
with remote customers, suppliers, contractors and staff
who finds it difficult to go to work in some cases due to
press of time.

Management Online Project tool is not blocked by firewall. 
Features of the Management Online are as follows:
1.  Custom Style.  Allows to customize the logo and color
     scheme that matches the corporate style
2.  Search Tool.  It is user friendly as it allows a search
     tool located on every screen.  The system will help
     match the search queries against Projects, Clients,
     Documents, Tasks, Notes, and Attachments.
3.  Project Wizard.  It is easy to use as user is provided
     with "Quick Links" Wizard.  The links change as
     higher-level access is achieved.
4.  Project Calendar.  It allows sharing of key milestones
     and meetings with project teams.  User can access the
     calendar of events if invited or given access by team
5.  User Control.  The homepage of the user can be
     configure based on their preference.
6.  Activity Summary.  Users are provided with a summary
     of the last activity on the extranet.

The management online project tool will aid in knowing
the results and activity phase at any point in time and place. 
The ability to access what’s going on outside the internal
network keeps team managers and members updated
of what’s happening with regard to project activities.

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