Knowing More about Twitter

Almost everyone is already talking about Twitter. Why not? It has given people the chance to blog though they lack time to sort out for massive thoughts for one long blog entry and post blog entries on a regular basis. Truly, the service given by Twitter can set the inner blog of an individual for free—providing busy people to post their blog regularly. This is why Twitter is called as microblogging or moblogging.

So, Twitter is convenient to be used by those people who are not just too busy but also for those who do not have a lot of words to say. Essentially, this works by letting its user broadcast his thoughts through group messages to the mobile phones of his followers from instant message, his personal mobile phone, or at

Through the use of Twitter, the entire notes of the user are already being displayed on his private profile page on the website that includes links to the Twitter pages of his friends as well as his chosen thumbnail picture and a brief biography. User is also allowed to send text updates straight to his MySpace page. The only thing he has to remember is to limit his post to 140 characters with the sole topic, which answers the question: “What are you doing?”

Because of the presented facts about Twitter, it is really not surprising for it to create a roaring chatter among the people. And this time in fact, Twitter has topped on blog search engine Technorati. So, Twitter is expected to create more noise as it phases forward.

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