Knowing What Is ISO 9000

The International Organization for Standardization also known as ISO was created with an aim to promote international standardization in industry and commerce. Although it is not a government organization, it is widely accepted by its member nations and the standards it sets usually become treaties and they are adapted in these nations as well.

ISO 9000 is about the standardization of quality management. It is composed of standards and guidelines precisely to address this endeavor. It is actually an international consensus of what quality management system should be. It describes what an organization should do in order to satisfy their customer’s requirements on quality. It also enumerates regulatory requirements about this matter in order to further improve customer satisfaction. And it dictates what each organization or enterprise must do in order to continue to improve its performance to provide continuous customer satisfaction. No matter what the company does, the ISO 9000 is applicable to them.

A revised version of ISO 9000 was established in 2000, hence the name ISO 9000:2000. It was then when the core language of ISO 9000 family was set. The technical committee responsible for this, known as the ISO/TC 176, produced a couple of documents in order to aid companies implement the ISO 9000. However, these ISO documents are not to be used for certification purposes. Rather they are meant to serve as guide documents.

Again, the ISO 9000 family is a set of ISO documents and standards. While ISO 9000:2000 will give you the guide, the other standards will get the company certified.

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