Knowing What Podcasts Are and More

Most of the presented features on the Internet about podcasts are mostly confined in answering the most fundamental question of individuals: “what are podcasts?” Normally, almost everyone is aware that podcasts are mainly audio files that are directly carried into the desktop computer, MP3 player, or iPod. So here, the other important concerns of many individuals concerning to podcasts will be further explained.

Primarily, individuals are thinking as to where or how they can obtain podcasts. Individuals can actually obtain podcasts by subscribing them. Podcasts can be subscribed through the use of “podcatcher” software.  At the present, iTunes is the most recommended software to be used when it comes to subscribing podcasts; however, the numbers of selections here are too many that one may find it hard to search. In some cases, podcasts can also be subscribed to a magazine to be delivered each week.

Some also question as to how much podcasts actually cost; good thing, some of these are offered for free so they will cost nothing. Like for instance, the podcasts of the BBC are offered free. Here, individuals can also stop their subscription anytime if they no longer want it. Also, when locating for notes for particular podcasts, individuals can use indexes.  Most of these indexes list many podcasts that also present short explanations of the shows. To find other podcasts, individuals can check out more indexes such as the following:

•    Podcast alley
•    The Pod Lounge

When using iTunes, individuals may also check the Podcast Directory button located at the underside of the Podcast section. The next page presents browse button; upon clicking this button, individuals will be given access to the categorized Podcasts of iTunes.

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