Knowing your customer satisfaction

Customers should always be happy and satisfied with what they are buying.  Everytime they buy, they always expect that they are getting their money’s worth.  They see to it that the product would satisfy their needs and want and companies should ensure that these expectations are met, more so of high standards.

In a globally competitive marketplace, companies should be fully aware of their customer’s needs and wants and ensure that their customers are satisfied.  Because of the so many competitors around, companies should see to it that they continuously retain their existing customers and same time target new customers.  Companies should take care of their customers.  They need to make a difference in the market to excel and for others to get curious of what they are offering.  Companies should strategize.

Due to individual differences, customer satisfaction varies from one another.  Companies should be able to correlate with their customers to fully understand their needs and wants.  Customer satisfaction varies also according to psychological state.  The level of satisfaction also vary depending on other options that customer may have to other products as compared to companies other products.  This means a customer may be satisfied with the company’s other product but not to the product that the company is introducing in the market.

The most common measure of customer satisfaction is done through surveys.  Wherein a customer is ask to evaluate a product.  Evaluation can be done through rating scale with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. 

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