Knowledge Management Benefits

With particular focus on Service Transition, knowledge is one of the important elements that need to be transitioned as part of the service changes and associated releases being managed. Examples where successful transition requires effective Knowledge Management include:
* User, service desk, support staff and supplier understanding of the new or changed service, including knowledge of errors signed off before deployment, to facilitate their roles within that service
* Awareness of the use of the service, and the discontinuation of previous versions
* Establishment of the acceptable risk and confidence levels associated with the transition.

Outside of Service Transition, decision making at the strategic, tactical and operational levels all benefit from quality knowledge, information and data being available. Some benefits include:
* Optimized service portfolios (with appropriate balance of investments, resources, services and technology)
* Improved feedback loops between the design architects and the support staff for services
* Better real-time information and data for operational staff responding to user requests and incidents, as well as documented procedures for resolving known errors and requests.

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