Knowledge Management Definition: Making it Clearer?

Knowledge management are familiar terms in organization or company circles. It is a strategy used by the management to capture, handle and use information to be able to effectively and efficiently implement projects. There is no definite knowledge management definition even for those who are teaching them professionally. Generally, knowledge management definition is a collection of practices and strategies for organizations on information dissemination and sharing. Specifically, knowledge management definition can refer to different areas:

1. It can be about organizational context. Companies consist of different individuals that have different information to share.

Tapping into these sources such as networking is one way of knowledge management.

2. It can be about communications. Knowledge management is about choosing the right practices or tools to effectively enhance communications among the staff.

3. It can be about information and knowledge. Information comes in the form of documents and other tangible forms but knowledge comes in many forms. Knowledge is more difficult to acquire because they are inside a person’s head. Knowledge management then is being able to access easily both information and knowledge.

4. It can about inter-organizational networks. These would refer to communication across internal departments as well as external sources such as customer satisfaction feedback. Making these two interact would create better strategies for knowledge management because it means that it is complete and complementary. There are many knowledge management definitions available. However or whatever it is, knowledge management is increasingly showing importance in organizations. It is not just the latest fad but also the development of an approach that improve management.

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