Knowledge Management Forum: Why Attend?

Knowledge management is not just a fad. It is a developmental process that is being improved through the years by making innovations in the use and handle of information and knowledge. A sure indication of this is the conduct of various knowledge management forums all over the world.

What are the purposes of these forums?

The purposes of knowledge management forums depend on the organization that conducts it. But generally, it is a venue where knowledge management practitioners can interact with each other and disseminate different concerns about knowledge management. Forums shall also benefit all practitioners because they can learn and can apply what they learned in their respective organizations. It shall also assist them to be able to design their own effective programs.

Specifically, the objectives of knowledge management forums are to be able to update knowledge practitioners to the new challenges, issues and opportunities of knowledge management. It is also an opportunity to expand networks and to motivate them to make new strategies and approaches that shall be applicable to their particular organizations.

Various participants from all over the world attend international knowledge management forums. They are representatives from international and local development institutions, non-government and government organizations, civil society organizations, private sector and the academe. A company will have several benefits attending such international forums. This is the chance for participants to compare notes on what is currently happening to their organization and opportunity to listen to the best practices. The forum usually last for days and consists of open forums, presentations and workshops.

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