Knowledge Management Jobs for CKO

The realization of organizations on the importance of Knowledge Management paved the way for the generation of new roles and responsibilities, providing more jobs for career development. One of the most in demand job nowadays that has something to do with Knowledge Management is working as a Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO).

As an organizational leader, a CKO is responsible in ensuring that the organization maximizes its returns on investment (ROI) in knowledge, repeat successes, improve innovation, share best practices and avoid knowledge loss after an organizational restructure has occurred. Some of its other responsibilities include: (a) developing an overall framework that guides KM; (b) supervising the development of knowledge infrastructure, (c) facilitating communication and coordination across all departments within the organization and (d) actively promoting the knowledge agenda within and beyond company premises. Other collaterals of a CKO include organizational tasks such as implementing reward plans and objectives, encouraging individuals think and learn innovatively and measuring the impact of KM on the business.

If you are planning to apply as a CKO, you need to possess a lot of skills in a wide variety of areas such as leadership, interpersonal and influencing skills. This is aside from managing a lot of activities, putting much attention to detail to make high quality (detail oriented), ability to motivate and possessing good communication skills. Though it usually takes some time before such skills are honed, it is still very critical to put these into practice at all times to excellently become an advocate of change for the organization.


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