Knowledge Management Journal: What’s Out And What’s New in the Field

Knowledge management is being implemented by businesses in their aim to gain competitive edge over their competitors. They try to adapt such strategy so as to facilitate flow of information and knowledge and to enhance the learning processes within their company. The concept of knowledge management is relatively new. There are still many issues at hand. And there are even many who question its benefits.

Knowledge management can be implemented in a range of types of organizations. And the implementation of knowledge management really varies from one organization to the next. This is because what would be appropriate and needed by one may not work for the other. Still one can classify the implementation roughly in three ways. It could be one which is technology focused. Then the implementation could also be focused on the practices. And lastly, it could look at interactions of people and other factors within the company.

With all these aspects of knowledge management into play, a discussion is but inevitable among practitioners and experts in the field. The venue for this is the knowledge management journal. Studies on this subject matter are published in the journal as well. The different issues around this topic are addressed so as to provide information and even a guide to other practitioners and professionals. Even government contributors are given a voice in a knowledge management journal. Together with the academe and the business sector, they all come up with a good basis for knowledge management and its practices and laws.

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