Knowledge Management Law: Is It Important?

While law firms are primary built to serve clients who are in need of legal advice and other legal services they have been run as businesses as well. After all, a law firm wouldn’t survive if its finances and other resources are not well managed. They also need to deliver their services in the fastest way so as to capitalize on the manpower they have on board. The better and the quicker legal services they provide the more that they will be appreciated by their clients.

Knowledge management also applies to law practices. Take note that law is a very much knowledge-based field. Aside from getting the best services, clients expect to get the services in the lowest possible costs as well. That is why law firms tend to have junior associates whom easier chores are passed on to. Then senior associates and partners would face the more important clients and more difficult legal tasks. They would also direct major cases of the firm. A law firm would also typically have a library of law books, journals and documents for the lawyers. It can be an electronic library or a physical one.

Sometimes also a company’s legal department would get an outside legal team to help them with legal matters especially on something that the legal firm has the expertise on. The working relationship of both the company lawyers and the legal firm would require knowledge sharing. The legal firm would lend their legal expertise on the matter while the company lawyers would have to assist them with the ins and outs of the company’s legal status and transactions.

All of these activities need knowledge sharing. That is why knowledge management law is important. With proper flow of knowledge and information, clients will be served better at lower costs.

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