Knowledge Management Research: Capturing the Best Know-how to Improve the Business Process

Knowledge management research is the systematic creation of new avenues for generating knowledge. It also involves structuring the information captured in these avenues for effective communication to stakeholders or knowledge agents. It is somewhat radically different from traditional research because the aim is not to create new ideas but to capture existing codified concepts that are already in use. The method of research focuses on the development of an efficient architecture that have the ability to mine the rich knowledge base available on the net. Information will be captured and stored on the company’s database for present or future use. Through KM research architecture, the communication skills of employees will also be enhanced thus strengthening the people competencies of the company.

There are many knowledge management research projects that are available for companies. Some utilize specialized knowledge networking applications which can funnel valuable information into the company’s database. Other KM research projects however are more focused on the ability of company personnel to know new ideas based on the principle of knowledge pulling. It means that knowledge will be captured by users based on their current needs. In this way, problems confronting the business processes can be solved through the utilization of captured knowledge. It is in this area that knowledge management research is critical.

Knowledge management research is important in order to enhance the conceptual abilities of companies in solving problems. The captured knowledge can be utilized to improve the business process. KM research also enriches the corporate knowledge base which could be essential for creating innovations for its business endeavors.

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