Knowledge Management Training: Enhancing the Careers of Managers

As with other management principles, it is important for managers to have formal knowledge management training. KM trainings ensure that managers can correctly apply the principles of knowledge management to the operations of their enterprises. In fact, the Knowledge Management Certification Board encourages management professionals to take advantage of sanctioned trainings in order to get certification. Managers with KM certifications have a definite edge over other management professionals. They can also venture into private consultancy which is a lucrative business.

There are knowledge management trainings that can be taken online. These are called e-Knowledge Courses. Method of learning delivery is full online so managers can specify their own training schedules. This flexibility is important for managers who are too busy with their regular day jobs. Study modules can be downloaded and other tools can be accessed through the web interfaces of the training providers. There are audio lectures which can be availed via CD or downloadable audio format. Full online knowledge management education is sanctioned by the KM Certification Board and after training formal KM certification will be issued.

Taking advantage of knowledge management training is a good option of managers. Not only they get additional skills and know-how in management principles they can also use the trainings as leverage to boost their careers. They can be considered as the enterprise’s expert on knowledge management and therefore can handle important management functions. They can also cross-over to management consulting or serve as industry thought leaders in matters related to knowledge management practices.

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