Knowledge Management Vacancies: The Job Market Situation for KM Practitioners

With the increasing popularity of knowledge management practices, many companies are going to need certified knowledge managers to handle their KM implementations. That is why more and more knowledge management vacancies are being posted on the Internet. This could be a reflection of the increasing migration of some companies to the principles and practices of knowledge management.

A simple search engine query on knowledge management vacancy could yield thousand of results. These include job advertisements that specify KM competency or professionals with KM trainings. It should be noted also that the need for knowledge management professionals is not exclusive to a single country alone. Lots of companies from around the world are actively seeking KM professionals. This shows that certified knowledge managers have lots of job options open for them. They can opt to apply for a foreign posting especially in countries where salaries for knowledge managers are lucrative.

Another important aspect of knowledge management job market is the increasing demand of government institutions for KM professionals. Today, even the public sector is using the principles of knowledge management to deliver services and to implement public projects. Managers can opt to go into public service which usually offers lots of travel opportunities and more room for personal development.

Managers can also look for knowledge management job opportunities in private non-profit organizations. Specifically, the environment sector is constantly looking for knowledge managers. That’s because institutions involved in environmental management need to process lots of information and channel this knowledge to its stakeholders. So this could be a good sector for KM practitioners.

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