Knowledge Management Wiki: An Emerging Technology

The injection of the Wiki technology in the emerging and evolving knowledge management theory is such a brilliant idea that is ever conceived. Wiki as a tool allows its users a very powerful feature to perform editing, modification, and removal of elements in a page using any existing web browser. The Knowledge Management as being a powerful mechanism in terms of database and record handling needs the help of another powerful tool like Wiki to make sure that database handling goals are ultimately achieved in the most efficient way. Therefore, the fusion of such two great concepts could hardly result into a failure.

So, what does Wiki have to make it a potent element in the use and application of knowledge management in an organization?

Wiki possesses an essential and integral characteristic in terms of data capture and processing that allows for knowledge management to maximize its potentials in terms of producing real-time information needed by decision makers in the organization. The innate capacity of the Wiki tool is beyond comparison and thus makes it a strong and potent mixture element with knowledge management. More important to note, Wiki is strongly being recommended in handling big and complex projects that makes it perfectly fit to be combined with knowledge management as the latter is usually being required to be implemented under bigger and complex project environment. However, the only drawback of Wiki when combined with Knowledge Management is the fact that it sometimes poses some compatibility issues with other software/programs that you may wish to incorporate within the system. However, more than that, all issues are deemed settled.

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