Leading to Business Intelligence Best Practices

Business intelligence is best done when it lessens risks and less time is required in choosing the applicable applications and the vendor to service the company. Now in choosing the right tools, the right person should be advocating this endeavor. That someone should have a lot of say in choosing the personnel tasked to do business intelligence. The enterprise s requirement must be defined so that the right information will come out of it. The company s requirements should match the vendor s capabilities. It would be better if they are capable of tailoring their services to actual needs. Remember that technology is a big factor so both technologies and capabilities of the vendor and the enterprise should really mesh well. Demonstrations should be done and evaluations too. Testing should be done on specific situations so as to prove that they are the one most capable to serve the business environment. Of course, the cost is another consideration. It must also give the company a good return of investment.

Different aspects of business intelligence deal with data differently. Operational business intelligence would entail collecting and giving out information based on monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly historical data. For customer service, data warehousing is employed to gather information in order to have a good picture of what composes one s customer base so that the enterprise can better obtain and retain customers. Master data management is another aspect to look into. It provides a holistic view of either the enterprise s customer or product. New trend makes use of virtual data integration. This feature is usually integrated into their software.

There are many other more practices to be delves into. All of them are actually done to provide better business intelligence to as to enable managers and staff to choose what s best for the company.

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