Lean Customer Service Process Improvement

The focus of the techniques of Lean is on process cycle efficiency or PCE as an observation of the speed of execution of the process. It is the first step in understanding the work of a function. The PCE of Lean produces 25% or more. One of the main objectives of Lean is to increase the velocity of the process. To achieve its goal, the PCE must be improved by eliminating activities that does not have added value to the process.

One of the processes of Lean addresses the customers, making customer experience that is supported by the appropriate process alignment of the business and focuses on reducing the complexity of the process. The process about customer experience includes plans for transition of the asset of the employee to provide tools for the business to measure success.

The perspective about the strategy to be used provides the framework for connecting the objective of the business to the operation of customer service and the whole organization. The perspective of the design refines the functions for customer service satisfaction. The process for customer experience uses an approach that targets processes of the business wherein the tasks are accomplished from the perspective of the customers and gaining their loyalty, making effective service models, and the improvement of financial performance for the business.

The powerful process of Lean and its unique customer architecture makes it a very good technology to improve the process cycle efficiency of an organization not only for customer satisfaction but the business as a whole. 


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