Lean Six Sigma: In the Army Now

Fancy working a six sigma project in the army? Do not get your hopes up in being the first one to do so  because the army has already established its full implementations and everything is up and running! The Lean six sigma operations are especially designed to serve army functions and purposes. These practices are fully aligned with the armys priority of speeding up their business transformations and process improvements. A group called IMCOM is responsible for deploying the use of Lean Six Sigma in order to increase army productivity and reduce their costs as well. Their efforts will continue to maintain and improve the quality of service that is being offered by the company in order to effectively reach out and respond to the soldiers, their families and the army civilians who also live and work within the army installations.

To shed light on such a program, lean six sigma is a methodology for business improvement that works to maximize the value of a shareholder by achieving the most efficient rate of improvement in terms of customer satisfaction, costs, quality, capital investments and process speeds. The history of army lean six sigma can be traced back to the combination of two techniques that are focused on business improvement Lean and Six Sigma. The former, Lean, focuses on the elimination of wastes and the shortening of cycle times while the latter, Six Sigma, zeroes in on the quality of the program as well as variability reduction. Combining the two resulted in Lean Six Sigma, where methodologies help improve the time, costs and quality in army processes.

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