Learn about the 3 Types of Change Management

The term change management refers to the way that a person or a team of managers handle the transition from one business procedure to another. However, change management is not just limited to changes made in business procedures. It can also involve changes in the business structure, or a change in leadership. Read on to learn more about the three basic types of change management.

The first type of change management deals with changes in business procedures. This is the most common type of change which a lot of small or big organizations undergo. With new technology always being introduced, it is a must to adapt your business processes in a way that will keep up with the latest technological trends. As a result, the products or services that your company offers to clients will always be top-of-the-line and in keeping with the ever-changing demands of consumers. The second type of change management has something to do with a change in your business’ overall structure as a result of a merger, a cross merger or a sale. The third and final type of change management is changes in the leadership structure. Every now and then, somebody in the upper management moves up the corporate ladder, which requires those who are under him to either move up as well, or change to a different position. For your personnel to easily adapt to any of these changes, you should implement a solid change management plan so that the there will be a smooth transition as your business moves from one phase to the next. 

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